our sentimental gift guide.

our sentimental gift guide.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a piece of jewellery that holds meaning for your mum, sister, grandma, daughter or bestfriend that has a perfect balance between value and quality without compromising the environment, all whilst supporting an Australian sustainable handmade small business?
Being that each person you buy for is generally unique, it can be quite an overwhelming task, therefore l decided to put together some of our most sentimental pieces to help you find something unique for your chosen person. Each adornment that you will see within HALI MOTIF is handmade, individually cast, and hand polished, therefore each piece has its own unique quality that will make the receiver feel special.

The impression pendant 
How could l not begin with this delicate and unique piece of jewellery that captures your loved ones finger or paw print so you can keep a memory of them close to you, forever. The beauty of this piece is that you are in complete control of how your finished pendant will look, as the way the impression looks is exactly as it will in your chosen metal. You have the choice of taking an impression of one print, or a double, back to back impression on the same mould. Each piece created is unique to every individual and having their fingerprint imprinted onto jewellery is an everlasting memory of that special someone. From newborn, to the elderly, this gift is ideal for any loved one or as a gift for yourself representing someone special in your life.

Little initials
This collection is the perfect way to personalise a gift with a classic style, that looks beautiful on everyone. Available in solid yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver, you have the option to initial one or both sides with either an upper or lowercase letter.

The little heart
Created with so much love and intention for the wearer to always remember how loved they truly are. This little heart was originally created to wear on my wedding day. I wanted to create something that I could pass down to my daughter for her to wear on her special day. Then I realised that everyone deserves a little more love at the moment so I chose to pass this little treasure on to you also. This piece is perfect for anyone that you consider a special part of your life.Suitable to be worn on your chosen necklace or bracelet.

The mother
A symbol of a mother holding her child, crossing her legs representing infinity. This piece was designed when I was pregnant with my little one, before I even knew I was. For the mother, the grandmother, mother to be, or motherly figure in your life.

The seed bead

Designed with intention for each bead to represent someone or something special in your life. Simple, yet elegant. Each bead created is individually made to order by Breanna with intention for the wearer to hold something totally unique to them. From your baby to your grandma, to your wedding day, or any special occasion. Suitable to be worn on your chosen necklace or bracelet.

Birth signs
The ideal gift for your loved ones who possess a strong spiritual connection to this world and their journey in life. You can select between the twelve zodiac signs and the four element signs.

The sun visage
The sun represents development, strength and energy. This piece is a thoughtful gift to provide a little bit of sunshine to a loved one. This collection is available in multiple pieces, necklaces, charms and earrings.

The moon visage
Thoughtfully crafted for those who feel a strong sense of connection to the moon and the ocean. This would be the ideal gift for a loved one who is in the midst of a transformative phase as a reminder that all things on earth have a natural cycle. The moon visage has been hand made into necklaces, earrings and rings. 

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