our sentimental gift guide.

our sentimental gift guide.

Sentimental - of or prompted by feelings of tenderness or nostalgia

Ever had trouble finding a piece of jewellery that holds meaning for you or a special person in your life? Something unique for mother’s day, a sister’s birthday, a best friend or a beloved grandma? Perhaps an adornment, in solid gold, gold vermeil or sterling silver to be passed down for generations? Something to make someone feel special: a modern heirloom ring, earrings or necklace.

Everybody is unique, and buying jewellery for someone, even those closest to us, can be an overwhelming task. So after some thought, we decided to create a collection of Hali Motif’s most sentimental pieces, so we could help you find unique gifts.

Our curated sentimental collection is a selection of little heart rings, studs, hoops and pendants, personalised initial pendants, motherhood pendants, element and zodiac pendants and rings, and fingerprint jewellery.

Every piece of jewellery at Hali Motif is distinctive, high quality handmade, individually cast, and hand polished.

Hali Motif offers the perfect balance between value and quality. We make uncompromising choices that are environmentally sustainable and support other Australian businesses.

While we provide you with an easy way to find commemorative jewellery, you are supporting small business.

We are proud of our sentimental collection. Unique. Everlasting. Nostalgic.

The impression pendant 
Delicate and unique, our modern impression jewellery capture the distinctive fingerprint or pawprint of your most beloved. Our memorial jewellery is designed as everyday wear to be kept close to your heart.

The beauty of our fingerprint jewellery is that you generate the blueprint. The finished product will look exactly as you created it, in your choice of metal. You have the option of a single or double print, or back to back impression on the same pendant.

From newborn to the elderly, the impression pendant is a unique symbol of appreciation; a gift for yourself or someone special in your life. If you have a loved one who is passing or you have had a loved one recently pass, Breanna will work with you and/or your chosen funeral home to create a special memoir.

Little initials
Our initial pendant line is a collection of classically styled, personalised jewellery pieces. These bespoke pendants are modern and organically shaped making them an ideal custom-made gift. Hali Motif’s petite initial pendants are available in solid yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver. We offer our clients the choice of style (upper or lower case) on one or both sides of the pendant.

The little heart
Created with so much love and intention for the wearer to always remember how loved they truly are. Breanna created the little heart pendant as a one-off wedding piece to wear to her wedding, creating her own ‘something new'. She wanted to create something that she could pass down to her daughter for her to wear on her special day.

What began as a keepsake of her special day and an heirloom jewel for her daughters became a heartfelt treasure offered to you. This piece is perfect for anyone that you consider a special part of your life. Suitable to be worn on your chosen necklace or bracelet.

Designed with intention for each bead to represent someone or something special in your life.

Simple, yet elegant. Each bead created is individually made to order by Breanna with intention for the wearer to hold something totally unique them.

From your baby to your grandma, to your wedding day, or any special occasion...

Suitable to be worn on your chosen necklace or bracelet.

Why is this piece called the 'seed' bead?
Breanna is very sentimental so she wanted to create a design that she could wear to represent all three of her daughters. Something simple, yet elegant. Being a shape similar to a seed, she thought naming it the 'seed' bead suited the design perfectly as it represents her little 'seedlings'.

Each bead is hand carved to order, individually cast and hand polished before being sent to its special owner, therefore each piece has its own unique quality.

Sun, moon star
For your sun, your moon and your star in your life.

For your children.
For your sisters.
For you friends.

The mother
The mother pendant symbolises maternity, connectivity and boundless love. This pendant’s imagery depicts the crossed-legged mother in a posture representing infinity as she cradles her infant.

Fortuitously, Breanna designed this piece while pregnant. Before receiving the beautiful news. Celebrating maternity, the pendant is a perfect gift for the mother or mother figure, the grandmother or mother-to-be.

Birth signs
Our birth sign line is for those of us who possess a spiritual calling, a connection to the earth, or appreciate unique jewellery with iconic imagery. Our collection includes the twelve zodiac signs and the four element signs. The zodiac line includes pendants, earrings and rings in silver or gold.

The sun visage
Our sun visage jewellery line embraces the expansiveness, strength and energy of earth’s closest star.

These classic jewellery pieces spread a little bit of sunshine on those lucky enough to wear them. Hali Motif’s sun visage collection is available in necklaces, charms and earrings in gold (of course) and charming silver.

The moon visage
The sun’s counterpart, the moon is thoughtfully crafted in our unique moon visage line. Ubiquitous and powerful our moon imagery might call to those who feel a strong luna connection and love of the ocean.  It resonates with those who are amid a transformative phase and reminds us of earth’s natural cycle.

The Moon Visage Line is available in necklaces, earrings and rings in gold, silver, and now, in brass.

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