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baltic amber teething beads.

Our Baltic Amber Beads are supplied by a small Australian Family Business who sources genuine certified Baltic Amber from around the Baltic Sea. Each piece is then hand crafted together by Breanna. 

Why use Baltic Amber Teething Beads?
Baltic Amber has been worn for centuries throughout Europe and Asia to relieve pain that babies experience from teething. When amber is worn, the heat from the skin releases succinic acid (a natural constituent of organic tissue) from the amber which then passes into our bloodstream through our skin. This component creates a calming effect and is linked with healing properties, such as:

- Reduce Pain
- Sooth Gums
- Decrease Drooling
- Reduce Irritability
- Healing and Anti-Inflammatory Properties
- Boosting Energy

How should the necklace fit?
The necklace should sit comfortable around the babies neck, not too tight or loose enough that the baby could get the necklace in their mouth.

How do we ensure their safety?

All of our teething beads are made in the safest way possible. We ensure this through firstly using nylon thread, rather than silk. This is due to silk having a higher breaking strain compared to nylon and it is important that the thread is not too strong so that if the baby gets caught on something, either the thread will break or the clasp pops open. Secondly, using a plastic clasp that is designed so that if there is enough pressure applied to the thread it will pull apart. Thirdly, individually knotting between each bead, this is so that if the necklace was to ever break you would only lose one bead rather than the whole necklace.

PLEASE NOTE:  Beads should not be worn while the baby sleeps or the child is unattended.


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