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impression faq.

What AGE can you take a fingerprint impression?
Babies prints are not fully defined until they are 1 year, however it is completely up to the individual on whether they are looking for a memory of the tiny newborn fingerprint, or an actual defined print. I know that when my two are born I will be taking an impression as soon as possible so I can capture their tiny fingers.

Can I do DOUBLE sided impressions?
Yes, you have the choice of taking an impression of one print, or a double, back to back impression on the same mould at no extra cost.

I have had someone pass away very recently, can I still get an impression made?
Yes. Time is of course of the essence in these situations so I would recommend ordering as soon as possible and emailing with the subject line as URGENT. Therefore, I know to contact you as soon as possible so we can get the impression kit sent out to you or the funeral home right away. If we decide that the impression will not reach you in time I will give you a full refund.

Can I get an INITIAL on my pendant?
You have the option to get an initial on the back of a single impression pendant. Please write on the card in the kit that will be posted to you.

Is there a time limit on returning the impression? 
Yes, 3 months. Due to fluctuations of metal prices, impressions are to be returned for processing within 3 months from the day you placed your order. If you choose to return your impression after this date there may be a cost difference involved that you will have to pay.

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