"I have just received my double fingerprint necklace today and I COULD NOT be happier! I’ve worked in the retail jewellery industry for over 10 years so when I decided to purchase a fingerprint necklace to represent my children I really did my research! Countless searches through the Internet, Etsy and social media, local and overseas, but your pieces were by far the best option. I am so pleased with my purchase, your work is outstanding! Thank you, thank you, thank you!".
 - Asha Davis

"Over a year ago now I purchased matching necklace and earrings from Hali Motif and they are now staple pieces in my wardrobe. A year later and I still receive so many compliments on them. I am passionate about shopping locally and sustainably, so was so stoked when I could achieve both of those plus get a beautiful set at the same time. I love sharing the story of these pieces when people ask about them. Thank you for the beautiful jewellery you produce!". 
- Mikaela Young

"I was introduced to this stunning range by my daughter. Since then I have purchased many items majority of which have been gifted. The quality is first class and truly amazing. No two pieces are the same which makes it so very special. It’s hard to choose a favourite piece as each are truly unique. I can’t wait to expand my collection. Thank you for the care you take in designing and creating such a beautiful range”.
- Liz Daniel

"I’m not really a jewellery person, not because I don’t love it, but because I can’t remember to take it off and put it back on all the time so it’s taken me a really long time to find something unique, easy to wear and delicate at the same time. I came across Hali Motif on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the simple yet on trend designs. So simple and elegant they can be worn every day and dressed up for something fancy. The fact that all the pieces are hand made really make you feel so special when you wear them, because even if there are more of the same design, each piece is one of a kind. I can’t wait to add more and more to my collection".
- Missy Mercieca

"Hi, just want to say thank you so much for the fingerprint necklace, it looks amazing and my girlfriend loved it! Will definitely recommend! Keep up the good work!! Thanks”.
- J.Gibson

"I bought a necklace for myself and my best friend and both were amazing quality. A year and a half later, they are still in pristine condition unlike other cheap jewellery. The attention to detail is amazing and I couldn’t be happier”.
- Lily Hanna

"I got my pretty sun visage pendant six months ago and I do not take it off at all! Even like that it keeps having the same brightness as the first day. I love the handmade finish that the sun has”.
- Nuria Soria Fortuny


“I used to mainly wear generic jewellery pieces - hearts, single initials, infinity signs... and although these can be beautiful, they were lacking personally and uniqueness. Which is what I love about Hali Motif. These pieces are incredibly unique, and hold great sentimental value. The type of meaning that is completely different to anyone else, and it almost gives me a little bit of power each time I wear it. I know that some people think it’s a bit far fetched to think that a necklace can give you power, but it’s true. It’s a little sentimental reminder of who I am and my own values. I also really enjoy the fact that these pieces are small and dainty. As much as I love big statement necklaces, it’s not always practical for my busy lifestyle. With my water sign necklace it’s dainty enough to wear 24/7, from my fitness classes to doing the groceries and even to a fancy wedding. Versatile is an understatement!”
- Estella


“I love my necklace, I get lots of compliments and questions about it! I haven’t taken it off since I first bought it and it’s durable and still looks great. Thank you for designing :)”.
- Eise Jones

“I love my sterling silver zodiac pendant so much! It’s beautifully crafted and so comfortable to wear. It’s one of my favourite pieces that I wear almost daily. Would highly recommend and will definitely be buying again!”
- Liz Archer

“I recently purchased the Sun Visage Hoops as a gift to myself. I have a wild 18 month old daughter and don’t often have the energy to put makeup on and my hair should’ve always been washed yesterday. These hoops have allowed me to feel myself again and show a piece of my personality when the rest of me is surrendering to the day. They’re both beautiful and comfortable - enough to wear day in and day out. I absolutely love them”.
- Cassandra Cowley

"I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful pendant I received from Hali-Motif! The experience with Brenna was so incredible, especially given I had mucked up the first pendant mould and Brenna offered to re-make it for me for no extra charge. The entire process was so lovely, which is particularly wonderful given the pendant is so meaningful to mean. Thank you again xx"
- Jennifer Tucker

"My husband surprised me with both our children’s finger print pendants for Mother’s Day. I had been admiring them forever and I couldn’t be more happy!
The whole process was easy with fantastic communication (we now live in Canada and found communication so easy). I get so many compliments on my necklaces to the point I have 2 friends who want them too. I’m now eyeing off a pair of earrings and keep dropping hints hehe".
- Kass Mitchell

"The most beautiful, amazing quality, sustainable jewellery. My husband bought me 2 finger print pendants of my children for my push present and they are so perfectly imperfect (imperfect from the newborn smudge and toddler mess point of view), the jewellery itself is incredible and the perfect gift. Beautiful packaging, super fast turnaround and postage, especially considering this business mumma has just had twins. I love my jewellery and can’t wait to invest in more, thank you".
- Lucy Thurman

"I have two of the Gold Impression Pendants for myself and I recently purchased a voucher as a birthday gift for a friend. I absolutely LOVE my pendants. I get so many compliments on them. Great customer service too!"
- Tee Pee