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the impression bracelet - sterling silver


Imagine holding a piece of jewellery that was created by your babies little fingers. Or your Grandmas. Or even your beloved pet.

Crafted from the unique imprints of those we hold dear, these precious treasures are one-of-a-kind, symbolising the strong and unbreakable bond we share with those we love. They serve as a tangible reminder of the memories we hold close, preserving the essence of our cherished relationships for a lifetime.

The beauty of this piece is that you are in complete control of how your finished piece will look, as the way the impression looks is exactly as it will in your chosen metal.

Once ordered, a kit will be delivered and will include:
- Step-by-step instructions
- Impression material
- Return post satchel (Australian orders only)

Additional add-ons:
If you would like to create a mould of your fingerprint impression so you will always be able to create additional moulds for other loved ones, or if you ever lose your keepsake - see here.

SINGLE or DOUBLE impression
You have the choice of taking an impression of one print, or a double, back-to-back impression on the same mould.

You can also purchase the impression kit only - here

If you have a loved one that is passing or have had a loved one recently pass, Breanna will work with you and/or your chosen funeral home to create a special memoir. Please place your order through here.

Handmade in Australia
Recycled .925 sterling silver
Mini: 9mm
Small: 12mm
Medium: 16mm
Large: 20mm
Sizing is approximate as each impression taken is unique.
Bracelet: width-2.80mm / thickness-1.20mm
*Pictured is a size medium*

Babies under 1 year fingerprints are not well defined, therefore you can assess your childs fingerprints to see worthiness prior to this age

Due to fluctuations of metal prices, impressions are to be returned for processing within 3 months from the day you placed your order. If you choose to return your impression after this date there may be a cost difference involved that you will have to pay.

Please read 'shipping policy' for process and delivery times

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the impression bracelet - sterling silver



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Mother's Day & May

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Fingerprint Impression FAQs

What age can I take an impression?

Babies prints are not fully defined until they are 1 year, however it is completely up to the individual on whether they are looking for a memory of the tiny newborn fingerprint, or an actual defined print.

When my twins were born I took a double impression as soon as possible so I could capture their tiny fingers as that is the memory I wanted for myself.

Can I take a double impression

Yes, you have the choice of taking an impression of one print, or a double impression on the front of the pendant, or a double, back to back impression on the same mould at no extra cost.

How long is processing times?

Once I receive the impression back from you it takes 3-5 weeks depending whether you were wanting a silicone mould taken or not.

If your order is urgent we can usually prioritise your order - please email

Is there a different material I can use if I need to take an urgent impression?

I have actually heard that dry clay may work.

My pieces go by a particular size/weight, so I would suggest doing the print in the exact same size as you would like the pendant/design incase I am unable to cut it down well. And if you can try match the sizing on my website so there aren’t any extra cost for the price of metal used.

WELDED. permanent jewellery FAQs

What is the process?

The process of permanent jewellery placement involves a technique where a chain will be affixed to your body using a non-invasive method.

While the jewellery is designed to be permanent, it can be removed at any time if necessary, and that it can be done quickly and easily by cutting the jump ring that joins the chain together. If you need the chain re-welded, you can book a re-welding service by emailing

You have the opportunity to ask questions and to receive any additional information that you may need to make an informed decision about the placement of permanent jewellery.

Can I remove the jewellery if necessary?

While the jewellery is designed to be permanent, it can be removed at any time if necessary, and that it can be done quickly and easily by cutting the jump ring that joins the chain together. If you need the chain re-welded, you can book a re-welding service by emailing

Where is the location?

The WELDED. event is located in Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Queensland 4556.

The full address will be provided once you have booked your appointment.

General FAQs

Do you sell in rose gold?

Yes, please see the selection in the drop down menu under ‘solid gold’. There are some other designs I can sell in rose gold also. Please email prior if this is something you would love.

Is Hali Motif jewellery ok for sensitive skin?

The .925 sterling silver and solid gold are both nickel free which is usually the element that affects sensitive skin. Therefore HALI MOTIF jewellery should be the perfect match for people with sensitive ears.

About us

Our Jewellery

Breanna conscientiously creates the designs at Hali Motif through carving wax and shaping metals. Her designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural universe and reflects her take on how each of these may have an impact on us physically and emotionally. Each piece created by Breanna is individually cast and hand polished, meaning each will have their own unique beauty; no two pieces are the same.To ensure your pieces last, the metals used will always be solid gold and sterling silver.


Breanna ensures sustainability through working closely with Australian businesses, sourcing recycled metals, biodegradable packaging and environmentally friendly practices. It is through this that she is able to share her passion without having a negative impact on the environment which is the source of her inspiration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Eden Hirt

There are no words!!
My two babies fingerprints captured in solid rose gold for my to hold on to forever. Their tiny prints frozen in time.
Breanna is INCREDIBLE at what she does. I haven’t taken this necklace off since the day it arrived.
My first impression didn’t come out to Breanna’s expectations and she immediately let me know and sent out a new kit to try again. You can just tell how much pride she takes in her work. Thank you for creating one of the most special and invaluable pieces of jewellery.

Oh Eden, thank you so much. I am so incredibly happy to hear how much you love and treasure it xx

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