impression instructions.

  • Lay out contents.
  • Place large piece of parchment paper over the size guide.
  • Remove cotton ball and parchment paper with wax from clear container.
  • Warm wax by rolling the wax between clean fingers. You can use a heat device, such as a hair drier if you need to.
  • The wax is to stay in ball form and become malleable without melting. Remove any cracks in the wax to create a smooth surface.
Once the wax is malleable, evenly roll into a cylinder-like appearance. Then, place the wax over the bar pendant design on the size guide and press each finger into the wax while making sure the impression is within the shape on the size guide. Slowly and gently lift fingers off the wax.

Single impression
Once the wax is malleable, place the wax over your chosen size of design and evenly press finger into the wax. Slowly and gently lift fingers off the wax. Make sure the impression is within the shape of your chosen size on the guide.

Double impression (pendant and signet ring only)
Once the wax is malleable, evenly press both fingers together on either side of the same wax ball at the same time. Slowly and gently lift fingers off the wax and place on the size guide. Make sure the impression is within the shape of your chosen design on the size guide.
  • Repeat this process with the other wax. This spare mould is in case one gets damaged during processing.
  • The way the wax impression looks is as your finished piece will. If you do not like the look of it, retake the impression until you are happy.
  • If you have a preferred mould, write number 1 on the top of the lid.
  • If you would like an initial, also write this on top of the lid (one initial per print - single sided impressions only).
  • Once you have finished place in the fridge until you are ready to return to HALI MOTIF - please do not at any point leave them in a heated area.

  • When you are ready to post, remove impression from the fridge and carefully lift the wax impressions from parchment paper. Very carefully wrap wax back in the smaller pieces of parchment paper with-out squishing the wax and place back in the clear container. Cover with the cotton ball and secure the lid.
  • Be very mindful not to damage the wax or allow it to come into contact with the cotton ball.
  • Place everything securely back into the box, place in the insulated mailer right away and return post bag (if in Australia) and return to HALI MOTIF.
  • If posting internationally, please return to - HALI MOTIF, 3 Latimer Crescent, Sippy Downs, QLD, Australia 4556 

Once I receive the impression kit back from you, the processing time is up to four weeks. If you would like to keep track as to whether I have received your returned impression, please keep the return tracking details located on the shipping label.

Due to fluctuations in metal pricing you have 3 months to return your impression otherwise there may be additional costs involved.

You are in complete control and have unlimited opportunities to take your impression, therefore once returned to HALI MOTIF there are no returns/refunds/retakes of your impression as they are automatically processed once they are received.

 If you have any concerns regarding your impression please contact HALI MOTIF at before returning your moulds.