soul keep.

Fingerprint Impression Memoirs
Soul Keep was created by Breanna, a Registered Nurse and Jeweller from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

After experiencing loss of life during her nursing and starting her own jewellery business she endeavoured to combine both her creativity and empathy to create sentimental treasures so that people can carry a memoir of their loved ones that will last for generations.

It is through this that Breanna is able to share her passion of creativity while still being able to make an impact on peoples lives.

How Soul Keep Works
If you have a loved one that is passing or have had a loved one recently pass, Breanna will work with you and/or your chosen funeral home to create a special fingerprint impression memoir.

Time is of course of the essence in these situations, therefore please contact as soon as you can and provide as much information as possible, such as when your loved one passed and funeral home details.

We understand that this time may be difficult for you so if you would like to wait until we can discuss more information over the phone that is perfectly ok too.

You can always purchase the impression kit right away too - here

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