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soul keep.

The Story

Soul Keep was created by Breanna, a Registered Nurse and Jeweller from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

After experiencing loss of life during her nursing and starting her own jewellery business she endeavoured to combine both her creativity and empathy to create little sentimental treasures so that people can carry a memoir of their loved ones that will last for generations. 

It is through this that Breanna is able to share her passion of creativity while still being able to make an impact on peoples lives.


Funeral Home Partnership

Our Funeral Home Partnership opportunity offers your business a way to create a truly unique, personal and meaningful experience for your customers while adding value to your business.


How It Works

- We provide all the information that you will provide to your customers

- We will provide all the materials to take the fingerprint impressions and return postage to us

You will place the orders online, directly to us

- We will take care of everything else, such as creating the piece of jewellery, packaging, delivery to the customer, and any further sales support


What Does It Involve?

- Taking an impression of your customers loved ones fingerprint with our supplied, one part impression material

- Packaging of the fingerprint impression with our supplied packaging

- Post to us on a weekly basis with our supplied post bags


How Will It Benefit Your Business?

- Offers your customers a very unique and personalised experience

- We pay you an agreed commission on every order

- No outgoing costs, greater revenue