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our story.


Hali Motif was created by Breanna, the independent jewellery designer-maker who is based out of a little studio on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. With Breanna’s birth element sign being ‘Water’ and living within a Coastal community, the name Hali meaning ‘Sea’ and Motif meaning ‘Design’ naturally came together. Breanna has always had a passion towards making things with her hands, a curiosity of how jewellery is made, and a desire to one day create her own designs. Making jewellery out of wire and beads at one of her sister's baby showers is what sent her down her creative path of researching jewellery, doing a silversmithing course and then setting up her own studio.

Breanna ensures sustainability through working closely with Australian businesses, sourcing recycled metals, biodegradable packaging and environmentally friendly practices. It is through this that she is able to share her passion without having a negative impact on the environment which is the source of her inspiration.

Breanna conscientiously creates the designs at Hali Motif through carving wax and shaping metals. Her designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural universe and reflects her take on how each of these may have an impact on us physically and emotionally. Each piece created by Breanna is individually cast and hand polished, meaning each will have their own unique beauty; no two pieces are the same. To ensure your pieces last, the metals used will always be solid gold and sterling silver.

Overall, at Hali Motif Breanna aims for her unique jewellery to be the perfect balance between value and quality without compromising the environment.

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